Sustainability: It's in our nature

To promote positive effects in the world

For more than 20 years, we have had an innovative outlook at heart, constantly seeking out new technologies and taking care of those who are by our side.

We believe that a company's success is linked to the community around it. That's why we value projects that aim to improve people's quality of life, adopt sustainable practices in our operations and maintain high standards of corporate governance, ensuring ethics and transparency in our actions. 


Sustainable choices

Valuing the natural is Decolores’ trademark, which is why we respect the environment, committing to legal environmental obligations and investing in other key initiatives such as:

 ✓ Correct disposal of waste;
✓ Water reuse system;
✓ Rainwater harvesting system;
✓ Acquisition of Photovoltaic Solar Power Plant;
✓ Care and maintenance of an extensive green area, with more than 50 thou/m2.


ESG - Corporate Governance Actions

We value ethics, transparency and respect to legal compliance prioritizing the relationship with stakeholders who are aligned with their values, ensuring a better management of business-related risks.

Relevant actions in this pillar include investments in management systems such as SAP, Salesforce, Tableau and others, the implementation of the Sustainability Policy, the Products and Services Procurement Policy, the Internal Ombudsman Channel and the Code of Conduct and Ethics.